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In a HuffPost Live interview Wednesday, Donny Osmond

looked back on his longtime friendship with the

undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

“Back in the early '70s it was the Jacksons and the

Osmonds. It was Michael and Donny. We were kind of,

like, parallel,” the 57-year-old singer told host Nancy


The two came from large families, both born as the

seventh children in families of nine. Their mothers’

even share the same birthday, he added.

Osmond recounted one of the many conversations the two

had before Jackson’s death in 2009. Their last chat,

about a year before Jackson's death, may have been the

most indicative of how the lives of both stars had

changed so dramatically throughout the years.

“He said, ‘Please don’t tell anybody, but I rented one

of those big custom buses, those touring buses, and I

took my kids. We’re hiding in Phoenix right now.’

Hiding from the press because everything had hit the

fan,” Osmond said.

Osmond was quick to offer a few words of advice to


“And I said, ‘Why don’t you do me a favor, Mike. You’re

a nine-hour drive from my home in Utah. Bring your

kids. No one will know you’re here. They’ll swim in the

swimming pool. Have a little normalcy in your life',”

he said.

But the trip to Utah never panned out.

“And he said, ‘You know what Donny, I think I’m going

to do that.’ And he never did,” Osmond said.


Sintesi in italiano (Compix83):

In un'intervista in diretta a HuffPost Live, Donny Osmond racconta la sua ultima conversazione con Michael Jackson, avvenuta circa un anno prima della morte del cantante:

Michael rivelò: "Per favore, non dirlo a nessuno, ma ho affittato uno di quegli autobus personalizzati grandi e ho portato con me i miei bambini. Ci stiamo nascondendo dalla stampa, siamo a Phoenix in questo momento".

Così Osmond ebbe un'idea: "Michael, fammi un favore. Sei a nove ore di macchina da casa mia, in Utah. Porta i tuoi bambini qua, nessuno lo verrà a sapere. Potranno nuotare in piscina, godere di un po' di normalità nella loro vita".

Michael rispose: "Sai Donny, penso che lo farò". E non l'ha mai fatto.

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