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[approfondimenti] LISTA: tutti i titoli delle COVER ispirate a Michael

Ultimo Aggiornamento: 28/12/2015 05.25
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Registrato il: 06/01/2002
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22/07/2002 01.36

Ho raccolto in modo più preciso e completo tutte, anzi meglio dire quasi tutte, le cover delle canzoni realizzate in precedenza da Michael, J5, The Jacksons e Jacksons. Sono versioni "ufficiali" di quello che si può trovare in giro, ma ho inserito anche qualche "chicca" che forse si troverà solo su internet...come Madonna che prima di cantare "Like a Virgin"el 1984 fa un pezzetto di Billie Jean!!! :eek: Ho inserito solo quello che ho trovato "documentato", quindi alcune delle cover segnalate in precedenza non le ho messe, se siete CERTI che queste versioni esistono e ne conoscete il titolo con l'artista, scrivetelo!!! ...ed ora ecco a voi la big cover list by Dangerousbadgirl ! [SM=x47944]

1975 Johnny Mathis One Day In Your Life
1977 Shalamar Forever Came Today J5
1978 Paul McCarteny Grilfriend
1982 Chaka Khan Got to be there
1983 Lydia Murdock Superstar (Billie Jean)
1983 Club House Do it again medley with Billie Jean (Billie Jean)
1983 Monty Alexander with John Clayton & Jeff Hamilton Ben, Smile
1984 Janet Jackson Rock’n’roll (Rockin Robin’) J5
1984 George Howard Human Nature
1984 Shinehead Billie Jean
1984 Madonna Billie Jean live
1984 Willie Nelson She's Out Of My Life
1984 Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen (Billie Jean)
1984 Miles Davis Human Nature
1985 Stanley Jordan The Lady In My Life
1986 Elio e le storie tese Bidet (Beat it)
1986 Dulce Quental Natureza Humana (Human Nature)
1986 Caetano Veloso Billie Jean
1987 The Communards Never Can Say Goodbye J5
1987 Terence Trent D’arby Who’s loving you J5
1989 Big Fun Blame It On The Boogie The Jacksons
1989 Rebirth Brass Band Shake Your Body (down to the ground) The Jacksons
1989 Francesco Salvi Il lupo (Thriller)
199? Violent J The way you make me feel
1990 EnVogue Who’s loving you J5
1990 Tuck Andress Man In The Mirror
1990 Sensitive & Kay Jean The Power of Human Nature (Human Nature)
1990 Little Kirk Man In The Mirror, Heal The World
1990 M.C Hammer Dancing Machine The Jacksons
1990 Luis Miguel Sera que no me amas (Blame It On The Boggie) The Jacksons
1991 Heavy D & The Boys Peaceful Journey (This Place Hotel) Jacksons
1991 Weird Al Yankovic Eat it, Fat (Beat it, Bad )
1991 Naughty By Nature O.P.P. (ABC) J5
1992 Mariah Carey I'll be there live J5
1992 Hugh Masekela Rock With You
1992 Jennifer Batten Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
1992 Torcuato Mariano I can't help it
1992 Flying Pickets Billie Jean
1993 SWV Right Here (Human nature)
1993 United Planet Change le monde (Heal the world)
1993 DJ Bobo Somebody dance with me (Somebody's watching me)
1994 Janet Jackson One more change Jackson
1994 Gérald De Palmas Black or White
1994 Lionel Hampton Another part of me
1994 Samaroo Jets Heal The World, I'll Be There
1994 Brasilian love affair Natureza Humana
1995 Big Mama Shake Your Body The Jacksons
1995 Christine Collister Human Nature
1995 Richard Tee Gone Too Soon
1995 Deniece Williams We are here to change the world
1995 LL Cool J Hey lover (The Lady In My Life)
1995 Rappin'4-Tay Message For Your Mind (I Want You Back) J5
1995 QUO Quo Funk (Heartbreak Hotel)
1995 Brandy feat. Heavy D Rock With You
1995 The Bates Billie Jean
1995 Tricky Brand New You're Retro (Bad)
1995 Lester Bowie Remember The Time, Black Or White
1995 Pebbles I Can't Help It
1995 Fugees Rady or not (Rady or not here I come) J5
1995 Brasilian Love Affairs Human Nature
1996 Ghostface Killah featuring Mary J. Blige All That I Got Is You (Maybe Tommorow) J5
1996 MC Lyte Keep on, Keep Keepin'0n (Liberian Girl)
1996 Diana Ross You are not alone
1996 Jimmy Ponder Billie Jean
1996 Men Of Vizion Show You The Way To The Jacksons
1996 Rodney Franklin Man In The Mirror
1997 Club 69 Muscles
1997 Babyface & Stevie Wonder Gone too soon live
1997 Blackstreet Billie Jean Remix
1997 Alliage I need you
1997 Pam Hall You Are Not Alone
1997 Boyzone Ben
1997 Ambelique Human Nature
1997 Morgana King Human Nature, The Love Of My Life (The Lady In My Life), I Just Can't Stop Loving You
1997 Charnett Moffett Heal The World
1998 Simion Luca Heal The World
1998 Cleopatra I want you back J5
1988 The Tamperer & Maya Feel it (Can you feel it) Jacksons
1998 D'Influence Rock With You
1998 Bobby Day Rockin' Robin J5
1998 Embarrassment Don’t stop’till you get enought
1998 Robert Palmer Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin
1998 Patrix Duenas Blame It On The Boogie The Jacksons
1998, Davina I can't help it
1998 98° She's Out Of My Life acappella
1998 Tony Reedus I Just Can't Stop Loving You
1998 Richard Clayderman We Are The World
1999 Chuck Loeb Rock With You
1999 Ginuwine She's out of my life
1999 Jennifer lopez If you had my love (remix Liberian Girl)
1999 Blackstreet Can you feel me (Can you feel it), Take me there (I want you back) Jacksons/J5
1999 Mary J. Blige Sexy (I Can't Help It)
1999 Will Smith Can You Feel Me? (Working Day And Night) Jacksons
1999 Clock Blame it on the boogie The Jackson
1999 Marc Nelson Lady In My Life (The Lady In My Life)
1999 Big Boys Don't Cry (Rockin' Robin) J5
1999 Scanty Sandwich Because of you (Shoo Be Doo Da Day) J5
1999 Ian Brown Thriller, Billie Jean
2000 Grover Washington Jr. Parmi I Can't Help It
2000 Mya Man Of My Life (The Lady In My Life)
2000 Baby Bumps I Got This Feeling (Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough)
2000 Shaggy Dance & Shout (Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)) The Jacksons
2000 2pac Thug Nature (Human Nature)
2000 Westlife I'll Be There, My Girl J5
2000 Julie Budd Gone Too Soon
2000 Billy Gilman Little Bitty Pretty One J5
2000 The unseen Beat it
2000 Horace Andy The Girl Is Mine
2001 Jay-Z Izzo (H.O.V.A) (I Want You Back) J5
2001 Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers All I Do
2001 Randy Crawford All I Do
2001 Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal
2001 Joe Locke I'll Be There J5
2001 Fonky Family Art de rue (Somebody's Watching Me)
2001 2pac Letter 2 My Unborn (Liberian Girl)
2001 Lil' Romeo My Baby (I Want You Back) J5
2001 Neil Finn Billie Jean
2001 S Club 7" Don't Stop Movin’ (Billie Jean)
2001 S Club7” She’s out of my life
2002 King Of House Billie Jean
2002 Will Downing I Can't Help It
2002 Monica All eyez on me (P.Y.T.)
2002 Lil Corey All I Do (All I Do Is Thinks Of You) J5
2002 Eminem Without me (Billie Jean)

???? Moxy Fruvous Billie Jean Medly
???? Wide mouth mason Billie Jean
???? Robbie Fulks Billie Jean
???? Ten masked man Thriller, Beat it
???? Red hot chilly pappers I want you back live
???? Incubus ABC live

Queste che seguono non sono sicura che siano info "reali", devo ancora controllare e trovare "le prove" della loro esistenza...cmq le metto, se volete provarci voi! :sisi:

Jennifer Lopez Girlfriend
Wing Girlfriend
Kids Incorporated Beat it
Moxy Fruvous Billie Jean
Belle & Sebastien Billie Jean
Monte Montgomery Billie Jean
New kids on the block I’ll be there
Henry Mancini Thriller

[Modificato da dangerousbadgirl 22/07/2002 14:32]

Email Scheda Utente
Post: 235
Registrato il: 06/01/2002
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22/07/2002 23.45

nessuno ha trovato altre covers? :hehem
Free your mind.Respect all the races.
Email Scheda Utente
Post: 394
Registrato il: 08/01/2002
Città: TERNI
Età: 38
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Number Ones Fan
23/07/2002 14.31

Forse le hai elencate tutte...[SM=x47919]
Abel Phoebos
Email Scheda Utente
Post: 236
Registrato il: 06/01/2002
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Number Ones Fan
Historical user
23/07/2002 22.02

MAGARI! ma ne esistono molte altre...!

Free your mind.Respect all the races.
Email Scheda Utente
Post: 398
Registrato il: 08/01/2002
Città: TERNI
Età: 38
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Number Ones Fan
24/07/2002 14.16

Abel Phoebos
Email Scheda Utente
Post: 44
Registrato il: 17/03/2002
Sesso: Maschile
King Of Pop Fan
01/08/2002 21.20

Allora io ho recuperato tutte queste in mp3 ( minimo 128 K/s )
se qualcuno ha qualcuna delle cover sopra indicate possiamo fare qualche scambio

*ROCK WITH YOU - Quincy Jones & Brandy
*I CAN'T HELP IT - Torcuato Mariano
*BILLIE JEAN - Blackstreet
*HUMAN NATURE - Miles Davis
*HUMAN NATURE Right here - SWV
*SWV & Micheal Jackson - Right Here remix(Human Nature)
*LL Cool J Hey lover (The Lady In My Life)
*GONE TOO SOON - Babyface & Stevie Wonder
*I WANT TO BACK - Cleopatra
*CAN YOU FEEL IT -The Tamperer & Maya
*GIRL FRIEND - Paul McCartney
*Weird Al Yankovic - Just Eat it
*Weird Al Yankovic - Fat
*I'll be there Mariah Carey
*Mc Lyte feat. Xcape Keep On, Keepin' 0n (liberian girl)
*Working day and night - Will smith
*MJ Blide - Sexy( Can't help it)
*Giorgia - Man in the mirror LIVE
*Terence Trent D’arby - Who’s loving you
*M.C Hammer - Dancing Machine

Email Scheda Utente
30/07/2007 23.30

riporto su perchè mi sembra interessante
grazie vale [SM=g27811]
Email Scheda Utente
Post: 12.654
Registrato il: 06/01/2002
Sesso: Femminile
Thriller Fan
Historical user
31/07/2007 00.22

kingofgames, 30/07/2007 23.30:

riporto su perchè mi sembra interessante
grazie vale [SM=g27811]

[SM=x47952] ma è un topic preistorico!!!

Email Scheda Utente
31/07/2007 00.30

Re: Re:
dangerousbadgirl, 31/07/2007 00.22:

[SM=x47952] ma è un topic preistorico!!!

lo so
ma è utilissimo [SM=g27828]

Email Scheda Utente
Post: 5.820
Registrato il: 03/06/2005
Età: 34
Sesso: Maschile
Bad Fan
31/07/2007 02.08

wow un topic di esattamente 5 ANNI FA!
complimenti per la lista del '02 e quelle aggiornate.

di cover ne conosco diverse tu stessa Vale DBG tempo fa mi hai spedito un cd di cover [SM=g27828]

ci tengo a segnalare "Smooth Criminal" ripresa dagli Alien ant Farm qualche anno fa, suonata in modo rock ed ascoltabile. Il video è anche divertente! Mi piace troppo troppo quando quando il tipo sale sopra l'auto e si tocca urlando "Aaaawoooohh" toccandosi! Come Michael nel finale del video Black or White ma un po' differente.

Alien ant farm "Smooth Criminal"

Jacko_style, Lugano


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