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[video] Video di Michael Jackson in 4K

Last Update: 11/23/2022 6:44 PM
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2/20/2021 5:19 AM
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Hi i thought i share my videos here for everyone as i have been doing video editing for over 15 years i believe i can bring the best quality possible for you fans. this is my first post and let me start by giving my best effort to bring the best

i see 1000's of remasterd videos on youtube and it pains me that 99% of them videos are really bad. oil painting look, over sharpening the video, plastic looking video and all sorts of problems, like over saturation and others. and the worst thing is so many good comments about how good it looks really suprises me, maybe they are watching on a phone and it may look good, but on a tv its really bad. (sorry if i hurt anybody)

anyway ill give you a chance to like or dislike my videos too, but i have a feeling you will enjoy this thread.
you can compare my videos with anyone on youtube the quality should speak for it self, unless youtube does heavy compression. my average file size for a 4k video is 3gb that is a size of a whole concert just for 1 song.

you may like my videos or dont but any feedback is welcome good or bad, please dont forget to like and subscribe to my youtube channel for new videos all in 4k resolution. this is not my job but a hobby.

here is a sample and from tommorow i will upload full songs.
as i am working full time and have family comitiments there is limited amount of time i have to do full concerts, so its not possible for the moment.
edit had to remove history tour basel as its not good enough with the missed settings, will re upload with the correct settings.

Billie Jean brunei royal give youtube time to sort compression

1st song done give it time for youtube to sort compession out.

Bad tour Los Angeles 89 in 4k wait for youtube to process in 4k

bad tour brisbane wbss
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